Why Should You Make It A Point To Abide By Road Rules?

If you have ever driven a vehicle, you would have realized just how many people do not abide by road rules. Sometime even you would have been guilty of this. Sometimes in a rush you may have overtaken a vehicle from the wrong side, you may have gone well over the speed limit, you may have run a red light, you may have got drunk when out with your friends and decided to drive back instead of taking a taxi. You may think that it does not matter. It is alright. After all maybe the police did not catch you or you did it not deliberately. So it is alright.

However it is not alright. These indiscretions could end up costing someone’s life. Rules are in place to protect the lives of people; of both the ones who drive and the pedestrians. If one day you are in a rush to go home and overtake from the wrong side only to meet with an accident, you could die. Just imagine the life you led until now and then think what if it ends all of a sudden, What about the goodbyes you never said, the people you left behind, the future you threw away because of your decision to break the rules? What happens to all of them?

Just think about that for a few seconds. Do you feel troubled? You should be.

Not only are you putting your life at stake, you are also forcing others to be in danger as well. Let’s say you hit someone on the road while speeding and that person died. How do you think the legal system is going to treat you? As far as they are concerned you are a murderer and even if a good defense lawyer is able to get your sentence reduced to a community service order, you would still have to live with the fact that you killed someone. You took away someone’s life. Will you be perfectly alright with that fact being shoved in your face every day for the rest of your life?

No you would definitely not be alright. You would be a mess. Therefore it a must that you should avoid breaking the law because of putting lives in danger. However this is not the only reason why you should abide by road rules.

If you have a bad driving record, chances are that even if a police arrests you for something you did not do, it would not be easy to get the jury to sympathize with you. However if you had a clean driving record, A trusted arrest lawyer would easily be able to get you free and the jury would sympathize with you. This is because your records would show you were a good driver and thus the jury would believe that because you did not commit mistakes before, the chances of you making one now would be low. Thus they would instead understand your predicament and focus on the police officer instead.

Ultimately it is important that you abide by road rules. Even if the police is not monitoring the roads it is still important for you to not break any rules. You would have understood why and hopefully you will abide by the rules. In the end your life is important, do not lose it because you made one mistake.